Rethink Learning Ecosystem

L&D-As-A-Service, A complete solution for employee-centric


Your Rethink LearningXP L&D consultant will:
  • Help you define your L&D strategy
  • Build Tailored Learning journeys for your team, consisting of the world’s best content.
  • Build and Manage your own plug-and-play digital university.
  • Track learner engagement and ROI.

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Our Research

Project-based Learning Driven By Communities


Develop deep content knowledge as well as critical thinking, creativity, and communication skills in the context of doing an authentic, meaningful project. Work alone or in a team to achieve your goals and learn to collaborate efficiently.

Multi-Medium Content Catalog

We aggregate, curate and evaluate a rich database of educational and assessment content across multiple media and multiple providers.

AI Recommendation Engine

We identify the relationships between jobs, skills and content to build personalised career and learning recommendations.

Learning Locker & Geekfolio (Smart Portfolio)

We Collect, Store and Verify Educational and professional achievements to integrate with talent and recruitment systems.

The RLE Suite of Tools


An AI-powered customised learning path generator

Enroll Me

A Cross-platform meetup management app

News Bot

A customised news-bot to keep you updated like a geek


A Skill-portfolio of geeks based on learning tracking data

Geeks Garage

A Smart community hub, offline space for learnring

Bring RLE Into Your School Or Business

Harness the power of Community. Learn & Build with geeks from around the globe.

For Schools

FnPlus is creating a curriculum for schools globally. It's self-evolving based on data and customized to each child's individual vision starting with India.

For Organisations

Give your members an edge by giving them access to FnPlus platform to help them develop into their greatest selves.

For Corporations

Boost productivity, employee engagement and loyalty by creating a company culture that helps people grow and evolve into their best selves.

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